deep-dive 25 Apr 2021

Deep dive into the Vue Composition API's watch() method

This post dives deep into how the Vue 3 watch API works when passed different types of data

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ui update 25 Apr 2021

Dark mode fans - Take these steps to set it up in the Netlify app

New! Turn on dark mode with Netlify Labs, a beta testing area in the Netlify web app to try Netlify beta features. We share how we built this on Netlivation day.

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tutorial 25 Apr 2021

Jamstack for Enterprise applications

The Jamstack model is currently capable of powering large enterprises, however, we've heard claims that Jamstack is only for small and static sites. Let's take a look at the reality of that in this post

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guide 25 Apr 2021

Modern, faster Netlify Functions

We're improving Netlify Functions to give developers better and faster serverless workflows. Try the public beta of our function bundler and new JavaScript features.

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news & announcements 25 Apr 2021

Netlify Finally Yields to Overwhelming Customer Demand for Integrated Omni-Channel Content Nuggets

“Be the talk of the town while being talked at!” Netlify Stories brings you unsolicited community content front and center. Join in on the fun!

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